Grenoble Esplanade

France - Grenoble 2008 › 2018 Competition

The neighborhood is formed from various strata framed by the Isère river and the Chartreuse massif. It reads in successive bands of consistent and distinctive typological wholes: a lively park, the banks of the Isère, the esplanade, the inhabited garden, and foothills of the Chartreuse.

At the ends of these bands, the northern and southern entries to the site are marked by buildings. An extension of the riverbanks, the Chartreuse massif and the city, the park at the foot of the Chartreuse massif is a green, planted structure punctuated by modest amenities for walkers (services, bars and restaurants).

The buildings within the park are staggered and detached, situated on level and elevated ground, to underscore the regularity of the plant structure. The Esplanade is occupied by a large public space.

The new constructions are built to the same scale as the existing conserved constructions. A checker pattern of gardens slides between the buildings to provide each facade and apartment with an ideal situation and visual perspectives.At the ends of these bands, the entries to the neighborhood are marked by emblematic buildings and constructions. To the South, the Porte de France marks the historic entrance into Grenoble. To the North, a 100-meter high tower announces the arrival of Grenoble from afar.


The project of global program of the constructions to be realized in the zone in phase ‘record of accomplishment’ plans the constitution of 120 000 sq.m of the surface of floor corresponding to the projected program described below.


City of Grenoble

Surface area

100,000 sq.m of housing or approximately 1,100 units which 30 % in social rented and 10 % in social entry.
12,000 sq.m of retails, services and activities.
8,000 sq.m of public facilities and entertainment that will be especially necessary to meet current and future needs of proximity and utilities.
60,000 sq.m of park.