BORDEAUX – Port de la Lune // non construit

France - Bordeaux 1989 Commission

The Bordeaux port isn’t in town anymore. He has been placed nearer to the sea. What is to be done about its docks?
«It seems to me that recovering the Port de la Lune docks of buildings or gardens would be a great mistake. It is not only the remembrance, but the very territory on which the city was build that would be erseaux, the sea link that would be disturbed. It would close both the eyes and ears of the city, for the fundamental structure of the space makes the originality of the place and it would be distorted. »

With its great docks of the Port de la Lune, Bordeaux meets the Garonne River giving an urban spectacle that was often described as one of the grandest of Europe. This port enables the invention of a mobile urbanism, in a site where every Bordelais is used to see big silhouettes passing by. On the existing railways of the docks, the installation of mobile architectural structures creates a clockwise movement in front of the classical city, in rhythm with the days and seasons, renewing the slow but agitated party of the metal in front of the stone that was the port. Vast commercial or cultural exhibitions on the water or on the docks, sports, theater and congress events, nautical games, all of them use the port. Christian de Portzamparc offers to bring back to life the port ‘spirit. Thus he conceives a mobile urbanism along the bank. Bars, nurseries, shops, theatres, exhibition spaces, and even trees are distributed on the former cranes rails.
The implementation of mobile architectures creates a vast motion before the classic city.



Projet urbain. Aménagement d’un site de 4 km de long pour environ 500 mètres de large le long de la Garonne.


Ville de Bordeaux


150 ha