1995 Competition

In the heart of Seoul, set in a large park, this important museum was conceived as the readable symbol of national identity and history.

To achieve this, the project consists in a pure, floating volume detached from the irregular surfaces of the park. This white entablature houses the galleries and frames four dark piers containing flood-proof reserves. An island surrounded by water.

The park, the lake, the island, the piers, and the entablature together form a whole; the museum project unifies and underpins the park.

A stone avenue cuts through the Museum and opens a monumental gateway to the park, linking the river Han to the south with the view of Mount Nam Sam to the north.

On the island itself, reception areas, amphitheatres, a children’s facility, waterside restaurants, shops, walks and gardens surround the hall of the great pagodas. Kiosks dotted around the island form shelters for strollers in the park, in the Korean tradition.


Espaces d’exposition, amphithéâtre, maison des enfants, réceptions, restaurants, commerces, jardins. En association avec l’Agence Elizabeth de Portzamparc pour la muséographie.


Ministère Coréen de la Culture et des Sports


200 000 m² / 2 152 800 ft2 GFA