TOKYO – Tour Bandaï // non construit

Japon - Tokyo 1994 Competition

Designed as an emblematic tower for the centre of Tokyo, as a sculpture of light, washed by the whole colour spectrum.
Hommage to the electric beauty of the city, this project amplifies the ideas explored in the light -play of acoustic alcoves in the concert hall of the Cité de la Musique, at the Parc de la Villette.

– The North Face, on Anoyama-Dori, is the facet sculptural, the plane on which the light-play operates.

– The South-Face shows the structural plinth, the support building containing the public spaces, offices and a restaurant.

– Rising from this plinth, there is a vertical village of terraced apartments, attached to the cliff-like back of the sculptural facade, and turned towards the sun.


Tour accueillant une salle de spectacle de 300 places, un restaurant, des bureaux et des logements.


Bandaï Corporation


7 000 m² SHON


80 m