Riyadh Tour // non construit

Arabie Saoudite - Riyadh 2008 Competition

At the center of a circular square, the heart of the King Abdullah Equestrian City, the tower rises like a signal in the landscape of Riyadh, symbolizing innovation and future development.
The concept of the tower is one of a hollow sculpted building within which large slits or nests of shaded air open up. These vast oases are vertically superimposed and protected by high walls. The contemporary tower, designed to minimize dependence on energy consumption, marries Riyadh’s most ancient notions of architecture and its expertise in solar heating.
The principle of the building is to organize life around the shade created by the large vertical openings which cross it, like large overlapping « oases ». The outside walls present a musical rhythm of slim windows in large vertical veils. On the ground, the hollowed-out central space is an arc of shade which pushes you to cross the square and under which cross the riders who frequent this district, renowned for the breeding of Arabic thoroughbred horses.



Tour à programme mixte. Logements privés luxueux construits autour d’un magnifique jardin. Chaque logement possède une vue sur le jardin, les montagnes et le lac.


130,000 m²
Bureaux : 75 000 m²
Commerce : 8 000 m²
Hôtel : 28 000 m²
Logements : 15 000 m²
Villa luxe : 1 x 3 000 m² (pour le roi)


437 m